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Our Microfiber Fleece Pad is a Game Changer!

This extra soft and fluffy table pad is unlike the massage table pads you may have purchased in the past. The material is extra soft and fluffy and maintains it’s shape. Clients will really like the soft cushy feel beneath their sheets leading to better relaxation and better results. Besides comfort, one of the key improvements is that unlike other fleece pads the microfiber fleece does not shed in the laundry. It does not make a mess coming out of the dryer or shed while your putting it on the table. Since it launders without degrading you won’t be afraid to launder this pad and it also dries faster than standard pads. This has long been a key frustration point for standard polyester fleece table pads.

Body Linen’s new and innovative fleece pad set establishes a new standard for comfort and value. Quilted to provide abundant thickness and made with microfiber for better durability and easier laundering. This is made with a generous 480 GSM polyester fill sandwiched between a layer of microfiber fleece and microfiber sheet material for a total quilted thickness of 1.5 inches. The quilted appearance gives it a unique look and the microfiber fleece makes it incredibly soft. Unlike typical poly fleece pads our microfiber pads do not shed anywhere near as much. Finally after years of the same old table pads, something better.

Features & details

  • Fits all standard massage tables up to 34″ x 76″.
  • Top side made of quilted polyester microfiber fleece that does not shed.
  • Set includes pad and face cradle cover.
  • Bottom layer of microfiber to give it a cool side for warm months
  • Extra cushy and thick 1.5 inch total quilted depth for luxurious comfort.


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