Berrylicious Pink Acrylic Powder 2oz


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Luscious Berrylicious Pink Acrylic Powder 2oz Nails revolutionizes how we use color on our nails.  Just like regular acrylic, it is very easy to use berrylicious pink acrylic powder 2oz  and isn’t messy. It doesn’t lift, crack or break. Luscious berrylicious pink acrylic powder 2oz  Nails can be used for the entire nail or nail art, with no limitations; allowing you to have fun with your creative imagination. Luscious berrylicious pink acrylic powder 2oz  Nails is great for multi-color manicures, toes, sculptured nails, overlays and clients who want permanent nail color in place of polish. Charlice recommends using Original Fast Set Liquid. 

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